2 thoughts on “Fanned out?

  1. Scott is an asshole as are Corbett, Walker, Brownback, Malloy and other Republican “the era of big government is over” governors. That’s not news, it’s trivia. On the other hand the stock market is in crash mode. The Wall Street experts are claiming that the rapidly declining market is being caused by the Ebola scare. That’s BS. The coming recession in Europe due to their continuing austerity measures is a cause. Falling US wages is a cause. China’s recession is a cause. The dramatic plunge in the price of a barrel of oil is a cause. Unfortunately there are lying assholes on Wall Street as well.

  2. Crist and his electioneers must have Scott really nailed. Scott must be accustomed to having his way without exception and all the time. Crist’s team must have calculated that Scott would balk or whine. The thing about walking on political eggshells is that sometimes it’s fun to hear them crunch, especially if they’re your opponents’ eggshells.

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