Energy independence!

I’m sure it’ll all be fine, and that the state regulators were doing their job. Ha ha, just kidding!

WILLISTON, N.D. (AP) — Workers are attempting to contain an out-of-control oil well in North Dakota, authorities said Friday.

North Dakota regulators said a well near Watford City in the western part of the state has been leaking oil, gas and water since Thursday.

The Oil and Gas Division said 300 barrels of oil and water have been contained and recovered at the well location. They described the incident as a mechanical failure at a wellhead.

An unknown amount of mist also moved off of the well location. Regulators said they are trying to figure out where the mist settled.

But they also said there is no immediate health risk.

3 thoughts on “Energy independence!

  1. Shouldn’t the oil, coal and gas industry be nationalized at this late state in their development? Wouldn’t that free up some room for the alternative energy industry to grow and prosper? Aside from the oil, gas and coal barons (capitalists) who is preventing this nationalization? Politicians? “What’s your point caller?” asked the moderator. “The current politicians are stupid” said the caller. All of the incumbents? No, my guy’s OK he’s a Republicrat.

  2. If automobile drivers are required to carry liability insurance, why aren’t energy companies?

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