Contracts aren’t for the little people

Just shut up and take it:

October 21, 2014 | Xui Lui has been paying taxes on her condo in Norcross, Ga., since she bought it with cash in 2011. Or at least she was led to believe that. City records show that Lui has paid county taxes and the city tax every year except that first year. Certified letters notifying her of an outstanding balance were mailed to the home but were returned to the city because of an incomplete address.

Basically, it was a clerical error that had nothing to do with Lui. However, that clerical error led to her home being sold at an auction because of an overdue tax bill of $94.85; she now has to move out by Nov. 25, according to a notice mailed to her home, WSB-TV 2 reports.

Lui also has a 4-year-old daughter.

“Where are we going to go? I have nowhere,” Lui said. “This is my house. Why do I need to move out?”

2 thoughts on “Contracts aren’t for the little people

  1. Speaking about contracts (and Ms. Lui will go to court and get her house back) apparently Lt. Col. (Ret) John Nagl is now the Headmaster at the Haverford School. Nagl is the guy who wrote the CIA’s counterterrorism field manual. Want to bet he’s named somewhere in that missing 6500 page Senate report outlining the CIA’s torture? Nagel was also Paul Wolfowitz’s right-hand man and after him Gordon English’s top advisor. These days he’s torturing young minds at Haverford. Now we all know where the neo-con’s are hatched.

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