Oh yay

Feel the excitement!

Jeb Bush’s son said it’s “more than likely” his dad will run for president in 2016 in an interview that aired Sunday.

George P. Bush, Jeb Bush’s eldest son, was interviewed by ABC News. The younger Bush is knee-deep in his own campaign this year, running for Texas land commissioner.

ABC’s Jon Karl asked Bush whether his father is running for president.

“I think he’s still assessing it,” Bush said, offering the same demurral his father and other members of his family have given in recent months.

2 thoughts on “Oh yay

  1. Bush? It won’t be the ACA or any other of his domestic accomplishments which will define Obama’s legacy. It will be his work to avoid a war with Iran. Some of Obama’s foreign policy initiatives have been flat out wrong. Like his intervention into Libya and Syria. While others like his (non) relationship with Israel have been good ones. Much of his ‘bad’ foreign policy should be owned by the neo-cons (interventionists) in his administration. Including Hillary and her backers Samantha Powers, Leon Panetta, Victoria Nuland, et al. What Progressives don’t need and shouldn’t stand for is a Hillary (or Bush) pro-neocon, pro-war profiteer presidency which reverses the progress Obama has made with his largely non-interventionist (anti-neocon) foreign policy. We do not need either another Clinton or another Bush as president.

  2. Got to keep the tradition alive so his son George Pee (middle name from his Nazi loving great grandpa) can have his shot.

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