6 thoughts on “Roll out the tumbrels, kids

  1. Screw that. I can feed a family of 4 with 1000 bux a month gourmet style. That is nonsense. TWO vacations a year? CLUB expenses?
    $60,000 car every 4 years?
    How about a reasonably priced well researched good car every 10 years?
    Hell, even a (shudder) used rental car with 20,000 miles on it and one year old, even a Lincoln Navigator, wouldn’t cost that much and you could drive it for 10. You obviously aren’t driving to your vacays.
    1.2 million dollar home? Where? in Barrington Il?

  2. It wouldn’t kill ya to eat vegetarian lasagna once in a while. And buy Chianti instead of Chateau Margaux. And buy Gruet or even Moscato instead of Taittinger every now and then. And as I recall MacAllan 25 year old is too oaky anyway and you get as much bang for your buck with Talisker or Lagavulin 12 year old.

  3. Just how poor are you? In 2013 the average household income was $51,939 (down from $56,895 in 1999). The bottom 20% had an average income of $20, 262. The top 5% was at $186,000. The top 15 percentile had an average of $101,582. Maryland was #1 in average household incomes with $54,000. Mississippi came in at 50th with $20,101. If you’re rich in Mississippi you’re living like a king or a queen because everybody else living there is in the bottom 20%. Georgia stood at 29th and Pennsylvania at 22nd place. All average household incomes have fallen since 1999 except for the top 20%.

  4. Point is at 400K if you don’t act stupid you can live every bit as well with 50 K a year as the WSJ claims you have to spend, for a family of 4. Even in Chicago.
    Of course that means you don’t get to vacation in Fiji or Monte Carlo every year.

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