My neighborhood

Rite Aid - Philadelphia, PA (Northeast)

“What happened to you, you look awful!”

The young woman was speaking to a guy who probably wasn’t more than 50, but he had some real hard miles on him. He was thin and stooped over, and walked in obvious pain with a cane.

“I dunno, the doctor put some kinda shots in my back. Thirteen of them! And now I’m in a lotta pain and can’t hardly walk,” he said. “This is my first day out of bed in a week.”

“Geeze, I seen you last week and you were fine,” she said. “What was in the shots?”

“I dunno, he said it would help. And now, look at me. Hon, could you get me two packs of Marlboros, please?” he said to the drugstore cashier.

And they want to raise the retirement age? Bastards.