2 thoughts on “Schism?

  1. The Church is in the middle of a T-Bagger insurrection. Mary Surratt was a conservative Catholic who ran a boarding house in Washington which catered to Jesuit priests. Her son John Surratt and his close friend John Wilkes Booth, both Confederates and Catholics, planned Lincoln’s assassination in that boarding house. There is a lot of evidence indicating that the other conspirators were Roman Catholics as well. After the assassination Booth went South and John Surratt went to Canada where he was harbored by a Jesuit priest. After a short passage of time Surratt fled to Rome and the Vatican where he became part of Pope Pius IX’s personal bodyguard contingent. Eventually he was arrested at the Vatican by US agents and brought back to America to stand trial for his part in the assassination. The Church in Rome gave huge sums of money to the Confederate States of America. The Church made no secret of the fact that they wanted the North to lose the war.

  2. The entrenched church hierarchy is joined at the wallet with the 1%. Pope Frank is much too Christ-like for the Christian Church. Nothing is more dangerous to ‘organized’ religion than a true believer.

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