That Harvard study?

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The one that said millenials were more likely to turn out and vote Republican? Here’s what Kos has to say:

Here’s the actual study:

While more 18- to 29- year-olds (50 percent-43 percent) surveyed in the IOP’s fall 2014 poll would prefer that Congress be controlled by Democrats instead of Republicans, the numbers improve dramatically for the GOP when only young people who say they will “definitely vote” are studied.

Got that? Millennials are still Democratic, but white millennials will “definitely vote,” whereas brown ones are less likely to say they will. That matters because among likely voters, young African Americans prefer Democratic control 68-23, and Latinos 59-34. Among whites it’s 53-40 Republican. To further hammer the point:

By a significant 12-point margin, 42 percent to 30 percent, a greater proportion of young Republicans say they are definitely going to vote in November than young Democrats.

So news flash, white Republicans are more likely to turn out, even among youngsters. We kinda knew that. That’s the whole point of Democratic GOTV. To fix that problem. This says nothing about long-term trends, and it sure doesn’t support the idiotic media headlines this survey generated from reporters who still don’t know how to read a poll.

2 thoughts on “That Harvard study?

  1. That’s nice. How about giving young liberals someone they can vote for with confidence that their candidate will pursue actual policies that young liberal voters support?

  2. The problem with these studies is that nobody really knows what they mean. Except for their entertainment value they’re a huge waste of money. Well the Zionist media has extracted its pound of flesh by forcing Kerry to apologizing for calling Netanyahu a chicken-shit. In America it’s unacceptable to criticize the Zionists. Call the President any thing you want, but be careful what you say about a Zionist. That’s a problem. Did Harvard do a study about that?

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