Be careful what you wish for, Mitch


At least this part is going to be fun to watch!

Leaders of some of the most prominent tea party and conservative-aligned outside groups gathered for a press conference on Wednesday to take a post-GOP-now-controls-the-Senate victory lap. But they also had a much less cheerful message for the new Republican Senate majority: we’re watching you.

[…] “Repeal Obamacare. Use reconciliation to pass a bill repealing Obamacare. Put it on the president’s desk. Let him veto it and draw a line in the sand,” Martin continued. “Secure the border and block the president’s planned executive amnesty. Maintain the rule of law and prove that we as a country, as we have been for more than two centuries, are a nation of laws and not of men.”

Martin said during the celebrations over Republican victories in the midterms she had “reason for concern” because of a press release from Boehner’s (R-OH) office.

“In this release, Speaker Boehner lays out an agenda for the 114th Congress,” Martin said. “Obamacare is mentioned nowhere. Neither is securing the borders nor blocking the President’s planned executive amnesty.”

I predict Mitch will not only keep the filibuster, he’ll embrace it! It will be his primary tool for keeping the crazies on the reservation.

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One thought on “Be careful what you wish for, Mitch

  1. Let’s be clear, in this election the 1% got exactly what it paid for—- a Republican controlled House and Senate—-it just got more of it then it bargained for. We all know that the FOX War Network is the propaganda arm of the Republican Party. It is now clear, and there can be no doubt, that MSNBC is the propaganda arm of the Clinton machine. Hillary is not the savior. We’ve already done the messiah thing with Obama and it’s tired and stale. To say that Hillary is the only viable candidate able to beat a Republican challenger is the only argument that the 1% can offer the Democrats given Hillary’s pro-corporatist, neo-con interventionist ideology.

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