Dems to take on ALEC


Good to see Dems are going on the offensive — finally! I’ve been wondering for years why they didn’t do this. I guess they had to lose first:

Chastened by the conservative movement’s startling success at using national money to dominate state legislatures, liberal activists this week will ask top donors to support a plan to reverse the precipitous Democratic decline in state governments, where the party was trounced yet again on Tuesday.

President Barack Obama’s former liaison to the states will launch a major new state-focused organization called the State Innovation Exchange — or SiX for short — before donors on Friday at the annual winter meeting of the Democracy Alliance liberal funding club.

SiX’s goal is an ambitious one: to compete with a well-financed network of conservative groups — including the American Legislative Exchange Council — that for years have dominated state policy battles, advancing pro-business, anti-regulation bills in state after state.

SiX ultimately plans to raise as much as $10 million a year to boost progressive state lawmakers and their causes — partly by drafting model legislation in state capitols to increase environmental protections, expand voting rights, and raise the minimum wage — while also using bare-knuckle tactics like opposition research and video tracking to derail Republicans and their initiatives.

“Progressives are looking around to figure out where to go to push back, and there has not been a vehicle to do that at the state level — it’s the biggest missing piece in the progressive infrastructure,” said Nick Rathod, a career Democratic operative who started and will run SiX.

One thought on “Dems to take on ALEC

  1. Who will push back is the billionaire class (1%), as Bernie Sanders calls them. It’s not a good idea for any politician to cross the 1% if they want to be reelected. Mitch McConnell has wanted to be the Senate Majority Leader since he was a little boy. All he had to do to succeed was to play ball with the 1%. McConnell was the 1%’s boy when it came to making sure that Roberts ruled in favor of Citizens United and against the 99%. After all it was McConnell who brought the suit and hired the lawyers. Allison Grimes never stood a chance. Neither did Mark Udall in Colorado. Udall strongly and publicly opposed what the NSA was doing in spying on American citizens for the 1%. Udall lost his reelection bid. Funny thing though, Democratic Governor Hickenlooper won is reelection. Why didn’t all the Democrats who voted for Hickenlooper also vote for Udall? This is all very curious?

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