One thought on “Sunday morning coming down

  1. In May Obama told us that “America’s combat mission will be over by the end of this year” in Afghanistan. In June ISIS surged out of Syria and routed the Iraqi military in Baiji. How curious? Since then Obama has reintroduced 3100 combat troops back into Iraq and pledged to keep 10,000 combat troops in Afghanistan to fight on for at least another 2 years. It’s common knowledge that the CIA trained factions of ISIS and that Saudi Arabia funded the group. ISIS was suppose to bring down Assad and keep the Iranians in check. It’s also common knowledge that the neo-con/Zionist interventionists have demanded that Obama (1) continue the combat mission in Afghanistan for at least 10 more years (2) introduce US combat troops into Syria (3) get rid of Maliki and put US troops back into Iraq (4) go to war with Iran. Was the ISIS move into Iraq a false flag CIA operation? So far the warmongers like McCain and Hillary seem to be getting their way because of what ISIS has done. Now that Hagel has been shit-canned maybe things will change.

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