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After seven Colorado counties voted in favor of municipal broadband in the recent election, Comcast suddenly announced it was going to double their speeds:

Comcast is doubling Internet speeds at no extra cost for most of its customers in Colorado.

The Philadelphia-based cable TV and broadband provider has a history of upping speeds every few months for hundreds of thousands of its customers in Colorado. Starting some time next month, they should see noticeably faster downloads.

Customers subscribing to Comcast’s “Performance” package of 25 megabits-per-second downloads will get 50 Mbps downloads after the change, while “Blast” package customers’ download speeds will jump from 50 Mbps to 100 Mbps.

4 thoughts on “Oh look

  1. Yup. Here too. And this is greater Los Angeles I’m talking about. This isn’t not-a-monopoly because it’s Comcast. It’s not-a-monopoly because it’s all TimeWarner. A few months ago, when the FCC public comments were climbing toward a million and all of them against the merger, suddenly our speeds quadrupled. Which is to say they actually got close to the speed we’re supposedly paying for, and stayed there.

    If the merger is allowed, I’m sure they’ll discovered problematic switches and drop back down to a tenth.

  2. Fucking Comcast. My service is interrupted multiple times on a daily basis, because who knows why. No reasons are ever forth coming. Pretty neat huh, how improved service, which Comcast says just can’t be delivered at this time, happens within hours when their monopoly is threatened. Kinda like how gas prices magically go down just before elections. Somebody’s getting screwed and it sure isn’t the corporate welfare queens.

  3. The way to kill any corporation is to cut off its supply of money. Wanna kill Walmart? Stop shopping at Walmart. Wanna get rid of politics? Don’t vote.

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