Maybe Sean Hannity can explain this

Where on earth was this gentleman exposed to such extreme ideas that he was moved to do this? Hmm.

Larry McQuilliams had “let me die” written in marker across his chest when he fired more than 100 rounds in downtown Austin early Friday morning.

McQuilliams, who Austin Police officials called a “homegrown American extremist” with ties to a Christian identity hate group, was shot dead on Friday by a police officer outside the department’s headquarters.

Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo told reporters on Monday that officers who searched the gunman’s home found a map with 34 targets, including two churches. McQuilliams had fired bullets into Austin police headquarters, a federal courthouse and the Mexican consulate in downtown Austin on Friday. He also tried to set the Mexican consulate building on fire.

Previously, police said they had not yet determined the motive for the shooting, which left only the gunman dead, but speculated that the current immigration debate could have been a factor. On Monday, federal investigators said the gunman didn’t leave a note that outlined his motive, but that he had previously told friends he was upset he couldn’t find a job, even as immigrants to the United States receive assistance.

One thought on “Maybe Sean Hannity can explain this

  1. Larry was a Christian terrorist. Are there as many Christian terrorists as there are Zionist and Islamic terrorists? Our military is full of Christian and Zionist terrorists ready to kill Islamic terrorists on sight. Larry didn’t have a job. Larry said that he couldn’t find a job because Obama’s illegal aliens were taking all of them. To figure out his next move Larry went to his radical, fascist, Christian pals and turned on the FOX War Network for insight and advice. That resulted in Larry painting “let me die ” on his chest and firing over 100 bullets into occupied dwellings. In short, Larry was nuts and so are the members of the Christian group that he belonged to and anybody who watches the FOX War Network. But, in America it is perfectly legal to be crazy. As long as you don’t go off the deep end entirely like Larry did.

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