Mitch to ditch campaign finance rules

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WASHINGTON — Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) is trying to use a massive appropriations bill to loosen campaign finance rules.

The Republican leader’s office is attempting to attach a policy rider to the omnibus bill that would effectively end limits imposed on coordinated spending by federal candidates and political party committees.

Currently, coordinated spending by candidates and political parties is limited based on a series of formulas for different offices. For example, the total amount presidential candidates may coordinate with political parties is calculated as the national voting-age population multiplied by two cents — a figure that is adjusted for the cost of living each election cycle.

The McConnell rider would allow parties to consult with candidate campaigns on advertising or other electoral advocacy without having the resulting spending count towards their coordinated limit, so long as the spending is not “controlled by, or made at the direction of” the candidate. The change would create a loophole essentially making the coordinated limits moot.

2 thoughts on “Mitch to ditch campaign finance rules

  1. McConnell was tasked by the oligarchy with destroying all campaign finance rules and restrictions so that the wealthy 1% could buy the candidates of their choice openly and legally. He was very successful with his Citizens United lawsuit and so is just trying to seal the deal. Here’s a question, when is a fund raising event called a speech? The answer is when Hillary charges $300 thousand dollars to speak on a college campus. UCLA asked Hillary to speak on campus. Hillary said Ok and that’ll be $300 thousand dollars please. Because UCLA is a public university they asked Hillary if she would reduce her rate. “That is my reduced rate” Hillary replied. Tickets for the speech went on sale starting at $200 per ticket on up to $2000 per. Only 400 seats were set aside for students free of charge. Last year Hillary made $1.8 million dollars speaking on collage campuses. Clearly Hillary isn’t giving speeches, she’s fundraising. Now that’s how an expert politician gets around campaign laws. By the way Bernie Sanders charges zero ($0) dollars to speak on campuses.

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