Uh huh

We know he’s a crook. It’s only a matter of time before he gets tripped up:

A year ago, a New Jersey legislative committee held a hearing that blew the lid off official explanations of four days of traffic jams at the George Washington Bridge. It would be another month before the cause of the lane closures was traced back to an email from Gov. Chris Christie’s deputy chief of staff. And the governor still maintains he didn’t pay much attention to the controversy until he found out he was lied to by Deputy Chief of Staff Bridget Ann Kelly.

But newly disclosed phone records – supplied by AT&T to the New Jersey legislature and obtained by WNYC – show that Christie’s current Chief of Staff, Regina Egea, communicated by cell phone with Gov. Christie 12 times during that hearing on December 9, 2013. The Governor initiated the contact, about 30 minutes into the testimony, and sent a total of three texts to the aide. Egea replied nine times before the testimony concluded. The records show only one other text from Egea to Christie that month, on Christmas Day.

A timeline of the testimony, created by WNYC based on recordings of the hearing and tweets sent that day, shows that around the time of the text messages, witnesses delivered some of their sharpest blows to the Christie administration’s version of the Bridgegate events.

The new evidence contrasts with a report the governor’s legal team issued last March, which did not reveal any texts about the lane closures sent from Christie to anyone from September 2013, when the Fort Lee traffic tie-ups occurred, through January. And it contradicts the sworn testimony of Egea that there was only one text from her to Christie that day.

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  1. Christie is a fat tub of lard with a nasty attitude and a big mouth who is a dead man walking politically. But today is a big day for the Republican, neo-con, warmongering war criminals. So let’s talk about ex-CIA director (2004-2006) Porter Goss for a moment. Hopefully the torture report being released today will explain to us why Goss, acting on the advice of the CIA’s chief counsel John Rizzo, destroyed all of those torture tapes without first informing Congress in 2005? As we all know Porter Goss was a CIA hit man from 1962 until 1971. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963. He then became a Congressman from Florida and the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. His relationship with another CIA hit man, John Negroponte, is a curious one. Both Goss and Negroponte graduated from Yale and are members of Skull and Bones.

  2. That tub of lard keeps shedding pounds as his radical lap-band surgery continues to work its magic. By 2016, we won’t be able to refer to his morbid obesity any more, and he will look very good to the untrained eye.

    I wonder if Egea will be prosecuted for perjury.
    Or, as her boss might say. prosciuttoed and proseccoed for perjury.

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