Don’t offend your customers

I noticed a long, long time ago that Americans in general think being an American means you can do or say whatever you want. It’s very puzzling to me that people who work in public sector jobs will say really awful stuff via social media and somehow believe they’re insulated from employment consequences. Then they get to play wounded victims, which I suppose makes them feel better:

A Florida State University professor said she has resigned after making racial and homosexual slurs in a heated Facebook exchange about recent police killings of unarmed blacks.

Deborah O’Connor, an 18-year faculty member of the FSU College of Business, said on Tuesday she was stepping down after several comments she made on Facebook were published by Folio Weekly, a Jacksonville alternative newspaper that contacted FSU about them on Dec. 5.

In a discussion on the social media website, O’Connor referred to “Northern fagoot (sic) elitism” and made disparaging remarks about Muslims.

“Obama has single-handedly turned our once great society into a Ghetto Culture, rivaling that of Europe. France is almost at war because of his filthy rodent Muslims who are attacking Native Frenchmen and women,” O’Connor wrote in one response to a stranger on the Facebook thread, which has since been deleted.

O’Connor said she had planned to retire next spring, but brought her decision forward after some of her Facebook comments were forwarded to FSU, a major state-run university in Tallahassee. The school doesn’t have an official policy on what faculty can say on social media.

4 thoughts on “Don’t offend your customers

  1. Now that Deborah has left her job at FSU she should be able to find a job with any police force in the country. Deborah proves the old adage that even smart people can be very, very ignorant. And that you can’t teach common sense to a fool.

  2. Media playing the ‘both-sides-do-it’ game has made hatred and racism into a “valid” point of view. And then portray the shit tier of humanity as worthy of sympathy.

  3. It’s the age old divide and conquer tactic that the oligarchy has always used to maintain power. And to keep most of our wealth.

  4. As long as they keep us fighting amongst ourselves [ Dem v. Rep or Cops v. Black Teens] then we don’t come after them. The military-industrial complex that Ike warned us about has blossomed into the military-industrial-media-medical-banking complex, and the root is in the Federal Reserve Corporation.

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