Eggs going up



A new regulation is set to take effect in California at the beginning of next year that will force hen houses to allocate significantly more room to each egg-laying chicken.

Birds, long afforded a minimum of only 67 square inches a piece, will now need roughly 116 square inches—a more than 70 percent increase—if eggs are to be sold in the state. That extra space won’t come free of charge, a cost that will almost certainly fall on consumers.

Egg prices could jump by as much as 20 percent in California as a result of the the new rules, Dermot J. Hayes, an agribusiness professor at Iowa State University in Ames, told Bloomberg.

The mere anticipation of the change has already driven prices up by more than $0.25 over the past month in California. And that increase comes on the heels of what has already been a pretty unkind year for omelette prices across the country: wholesale egg prices are averaging nearly $2.30 per dozen, up almost 35 percent since the start of the 2014.

3 thoughts on “Eggs going up

  1. More and more cities are allowing a small number of backyard chickens — higher egg prices will only encourage that practice.

  2. Lots of people here near Atlanta have backyard chickens, including my bother from whom I get eggs in the warm months. I know how well he takes care of his chickens and how he feeds them, etc.
    I hope this does encourage more localized production and a trend away from the big agri-businesses.

    I do worry about people living in poverty in cities of course. Why is being humane something we can’t seem to afford?

  3. The price of eggs is the least of our problems.
    The price of oil has fallen by $50 dollars, or 50%, since June. That has caused the worlds currency markets to become extremely volatile. Not a good thing.
    The US stock market has fallen by 1000 points in the past 2 weeks in response. Not a good thing.
    So what’s happening?
    Saudi Arabia has decided to drive shale oil producers out of business. Saudi Arabia can get a barrel of oil out of the ground for about $6 bucks. It costs shale oil producers about $57 bucks to get a barrel of oil out of the ground. At today’s prices lots of shale oil producers are on the verge of bankruptcy. So much for Republican Obama’s plan for America to be oil independent.
    China is the BIG winner in all of this. Regardless of what the US does, the Chinese will prop Russia up economically. The chickens have come home to roost because we have fools running our foreign policy.

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