Surgeon general finally confirmed

vivek murthy

After the NRA put a target on his back:

The Senate narrowly confirmed a new surgeon general whose nomination was delayed for months in a fight over his comments alleging that guns are public health issue. The confirmation represents a victory for gun control advocates, even as recent polling has shown Americans moving in the other direction toward gun-rights protections.

The Senate’s 51-43 vote confirming Massachusetts Doctor Vivek Murthy as the next surgeon general marks the end of a protracted fight over gun control and Murthy’s views on it. Murthy, who will be the first Indian-American Surgeon General to serve in the U.S., waited more than a year for Senate confirmation after the National Rifle Association and other pro-gun groups threatened to throw their resources against members supporting his nomination. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid determined earlier this year that he couldn’t put his red-state members in that position before the 2014 midterm elections and shuffled Murthy to the back of the nominations pile.

2 thoughts on “Surgeon general finally confirmed

  1. Why was it so important for Republican president Obama to leave this post vacant for a year and a half just to get Murthy confirmed? That seems to be a pretty stupid decision by a rather stupid man. Then we have Harry Reid who didn’t bring Murthy’s nomination up because he didn’t want red-state Democrats to lose their elections. How did that work out for you Harry? The Senate went Republican and the House has more Republican members now than it’s had since 1929. The leadership of the Democratic Party, beginning with Obama, couldn’t find their asses with their own hands.

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