One thought on “Panhandle Slim… Art for Folk…

  1. And the Christ out of Christmas.
    Here’s some stuff I stumbled across the other day.
    Caiaphas had the Christ put to death for the good of the group. It seems that Pilate told Caiaphas to get rid of the Jesus freaks or he would begin making wholesale arrests.
    The symbolism attached to the Christ riding the donkey (indicating a person of peace) through the East Gate (indicating the coming of the Messiah) of Jerusalem gave Caiaphas the excuse he needed to arrest the Christ.
    The Christ was referred to by his converts as Helios or the Sun God. (Twisted into the Son of God by the anti-Gnostic Christians.)
    Mary Magdalene was seen as representing the Goddess Isis.
    Jewish rabbi’s were expected to be married before they began their ministry. So Mary was seen as his wife.
    The Christ wasn’t trying to overthrow Roman rule. He was trying to end the corruption of Judaism. Which was another reason Caiaphas had no problem handing him over to the Roman’s for crucifixion. The Christ was a bigger threat to the Jewish oligarchy then he ever was to the Rome.
    So who was responsible for killing the Christ?

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