One thought on “About that tax refund…

  1. The 1% (oligarchy) has been trying to get rid of the IRS since the 16th Amendment was passed in 1913.
    They know that they can’t get rid of the 16th Amendment so they are trying to starve the mechanism for collecting taxes, the IRS, out of existence.
    The Republican Party which represents the 1%, and nobody else, is happy to do the dirty work of the 1%. For a small, or a large, campaign donation.
    Of course now that the Supreme Court has ruled that money is speech and corporations are people in the Citizens United case, the 1% simply picks a corrupt politician who will do exactly what he/she is told and then buys that politician an office.
    Jeb Bush entered the 2016 race because Hillary was sopping up every single Wall Street campaign dollar in sight. Since Bush announced that he might be running in 2016 the oligarchy’s dollars flowing to Hillary have almost stopped.
    This game is very transparent once one overcomes the personal and emotional attachment that they have in trying to keep the corrupt political process that we have alive.
    Vote or don’t vote, it’s all the same to the 1%. It’s money that counts in this once upon a time republic.

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