AZ city to force nonprofits to prove ‘value’

Citing fears of lawsuits, Nogales, Arizona city officials are taking a closer look at non-profit organizations that lease city-owned properties, and they’re not alone. In the small town of just over 20,000 residents, groups such as the Boys and Girls Club and and a senior center will now need to prove the benefits they provide to…

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2 thoughts on “AZ city to force nonprofits to prove ‘value’

  1. How the hell does the Goldwater Institute have standing to sue? If they do, I am going to sue the IRS for their non-enforcement of 503C-4 statutory criteria against “Citizens for Prosperity” and their political ad buys.

  2. Sue the Goldwater Institute instead. Make your suit very public. Name the Board of Directors and every paid consultant. Then sue the Citizens for Prosperity. Name all of its sponsors. It’s about time we all begin to spank the conservatives.

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