Scotland rules

How strangely humane! What can they be thinking?

All school children from primary one to three are now entitled to a free school meal, the Scottish government has announced.

The £95m initiative covering state schools is expected to save families at least £330 a year.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon launched the policy at her old primary school in Ayrshire.

She said making free school meals available on a universal basis was the “right thing to do”.

The policy has been supported by unions and poverty campaigners, but Scottish Labour said the change would only benefit the country’s wealthier families as children from poorer backgrounds already qualified for free school meals.

The Scottish government said the policy – for 135,000 children – would benefit pupils and their families alike.

3 thoughts on “Scotland rules

  1. One of the big drivers for Scottish independence was the country’s citizens being fed up to the teeth with British austerity.

  2. Have you ever wondered why the United States, the richest country on earth, acts like a third world backwater when it comes to affording its citizens the basic needs of life? Like affordable housing, affordable health care, affordable education grades K-college, safe working conditions, and a safe and modern infrastructure to name a few.
    It’s because the 1%—the capitalists—demand that every service rendered must be profitable.
    That’s called cost plus accounting.
    In order to have clean drinking water one must not only pay for the cost of cleaning the water, but one must also pay something extra to the capitalist 1% as profit. That is immoral.

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