You can tell the quality of a person by the people who hate him

Boy, this pope really pisses off the right wing, and his letter on climate change has them worked up to a froth.

But among normal people, he’s got a 78% approval rating, and among Catholics, 93%. God bless Good Pope Frank! Long may he live…

3 thoughts on “You can tell the quality of a person by the people who hate him

  1. Well, he does have the PR down perfect. And there has been a few good moves, but….. The best example was his recent ass-kicking of the Vatican officials, but I was more amused that the cameras got in there for this ass-kicking. How did the cameras happen to be in for the meeting????

  2. Claver-Carone. “I don’t want the Pope running the foreign policy of the United States.” How does Claver-Carone feel about AIPAC and Israel running the foreign policy of the United States? Does he have a problem with that?
    Both Israel and the US are furious with the Palestinians for joining the International Criminal Court over the weekend. Kerry’s US State Department condemned the move and Israel is withholding $100 million in Palestinian tax receipts.
    Every time the Zionists don’t like something the Palestinians do they retaliate by withholding their tax funds.
    Which begs these questions: 1) Who gave the Israelis the authority to collect taxes from the occupied Palestinians? 2) Why does the US and Israel care if the Palestinians join the ICC? Do they have something to hide? 3) When will Pope Francis condemn the illegal and deadly actions of Israel? The Pope is opposed to all criminality isn’t he?

  3. The guy’s gonna need all the PR he can get. Reich-wing media is frothing. I wanna gin up a kickstart campaign for Pope Frank just so I can send it money every time Rush Limpball’s head explodes.

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