GOP House wants Paul Ryan’s magic unicorns in budget projection

motleycraft-o-rama: Rainbow Unicorn Soap by Love Lee Soaps on Etsy Love all the pretty shades of these unicorns =)” data-src=”//”>Congressional Republicans are set on budget-busting tax cuts, but they don’t want responsibility for the resulting red ink. Instead, the House – to be followed soon by the Senate – has adopted a rule that forces the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office and Joint Committee on Taxation to favorably-alter economic projections of Republican policies based on nothing…

2 thoughts on “GOP House wants Paul Ryan’s magic unicorns in budget projection

  1. Any bill that gets to Obama’s desk will get there only with the support of Democrats. If the Democrats don’t like a bill it will die a quick death.
    The only bill that will become law is a bill that Obama signs. If he doesn’t like a bill he can veto it. The Republicans can not get 67 votes to override a veto unless Democrats join them.
    Guess who’s in charge of the country? And who’s responsible for any bad legislation that passes?
    That’s right, the Democrats.

  2. You just don’t understand Republican households. The wage earner get’s a 20% cut because the boss says profits are down. The rational response is to celebrate because prices that the household must pay will go down by more because of the new efficiency in the marketplace (and Paul Krugman should SFU).

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