AT&T, T-Mobile may owe you money

Don’t you just love that mobile phone bill? Our cellular bill for four lines arrives by mail each month, and it’s a mind-boggling 38 pages. Really. The envelope’s a half-inch thick. It seems to contain a billion entries, one for every single text, phone call and data blip with rate codes, feature codes and — my…

2 thoughts on “AT&T, T-Mobile may owe you money

  1. Your Capitalist free market at work.
    The only goal of Capitalism is to make a profit. In any way possible.
    AT&T and T-Mobil are clearly using every way possible. Including thievery.
    Unfortunately they are not alone.
    Is this any way to run a society?

  2. And, of course, we here in the hegemonic home of capitalism pay more for getting much less in both cell service and broadband.

    Hooray for capitalistic control!

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