‘We’re just getting started’: Anti-Comcast group

They’re coming for big cable, and the wind is at their backs. The growing alliance of companies and nonprofit groups opposing the proposed merger between Comcast Corporation and Time Warner Cable Inc. nearly doubled in size Monday, adding 12 new members in the fight to convince federal regulators to block the deal on antitrust grounds. The…

One thought on “‘We’re just getting started’: Anti-Comcast group

  1. Who owns the airways? Don’t we own the airways?
    Which means that all communication signals come under the control of the people and are considered a public utility. Like most roads and water and sewage systems.
    Public utilities are not meant to be capitalist profit centers. Or are radio and TV outlets exempt? If so, why?
    The other part of this battle is simply a load of crap.
    Mr. Blum represents Dish which is a satellite delivery system. Dish is a subsidiary of DirecTv. Combined those two satellite companies are a monopoly. (Don’t we break up monopolies in this country?)
    Of course Mr. Blum doesn’t want Comcast Cable to buy Time Warner Cable. If that deal goes through then the ‘cable industry’ would be able to compete with the ‘satellite industry.’
    However this turns out the 99% is screwed. Unless we break up all of these monopolies.

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