Pretty crazy day yesterday

Ice storm. Lots of people slipped and fell, and there were many, many chain collisions. It was a good day to stay home!

At least five people across the Northeast were killed Sunday in crashes caused by rain “flash-freezing” on roads.

A crash involving 30 to 50 vehicles on Interstate 76 outside Philadelphia killed one person, and two others died in a crash involving multiple vehicles on nearby Interstate 476, police said. In northeastern Pennsylvania, a man was killed after his car overturned on an icy road and he was thrown from it and hit by a commercial vehicle. In Connecticut, police cited slippery conditions in a crash that killed an 88-year-old woman who struck a utility pole in New Haven.

Pennsylvania Department of Transportation spokesman Eugene Blaum called travel conditions “very hazardous” due to light rain falling onto cold surfaces, creating a sheet of ice.

“This is the worst type of winter precipitation to combat, because it can freeze instantly and it doesn’t need to be the whole pavement for vehicles crossing it to have problems,” Blaum said.

One thought on “Pretty crazy day yesterday

  1. Gotta love our great MCM (Mainstream Corporate Media). They really know how to keep the context out of their reporting.

    Last night a local news program had a teaser, then finally coverage, of an SUV sliding down a long hill in…get this…New York. Somewhere unnamed in the great state of New York.
    The actual video showed the SUV sliding down the big hill as the driver struggled, and succeeded, in preventing it from hitting parked vehicles. It finally came to rest against a curb at the bottom of the hill. In the unnamed city (town? village?) somewhere in NY.

    No mention was made of fairly widespread light rain freezing almost immediately on hitting the ground. Or a large pile ups. Or many smaller accidents. And deaths. Nothing about Phillie.

    Zero, zip, nada. No context AT ALL.

    What a wonderfully informative media!! This must be the YouTube version of the news.

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