2 thoughts on “Remember when America used to make stuff like this?

  1. After Reagan’s election American tax dollars were spent on building up the military and not on building innovative “stuff.”
    For the last forty years the Defense Department, the NSA, the militarized police and our intelligence community has gotten trillions of our tax dollars to keep us “safe.”
    The fact that we are all less safe because our infrastructure is falling apart and our cities are decaying seems to have escaped the attention of the geniuses running this country.

  2. Since Raygun, the productivity of the Nation has been increasingly diverted to the 1%’s personal bank accounts . . . through unnecessary military programs, tax breaks for the already obscenely wealth, devaluation of working men and women, and blatant political corruption. All under cover of 1%’s media and the smokescreen of the 1% financed permanent campaign of fear . . . of everything.

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