2 thoughts on “So it’s not just here

  1. Cops have always been out of control. Something the 60’s counter-culture clearly shown a bright light on.
    But cops have always had the press and the public on their side because they are masters of spreading fear and propaganda.
    “If you don’t support us unquestioningly,” say the cops, “the barbarians will kill your wives and rape daughters then pillage your village. We are your last and only line of defense against the terrorists.”
    We all know, or should know, that what the cops tell us is utter nonsense. Without the help and cooperation of the citizenry the cops are nothing.

  2. Unwarranted Police aggression has been on the rise in Britain for some years now. Given encouragement by events in the US. Both one-time bastions of ‘freedom and democracy’ . . . no more.

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