Still attacking Indians


One of my close friends is an American Indian, and she’s always telling me how naive I am about how prevalent anti-Indian bigotry is. Guess she’s right, this really shocks me:

RAPID CITY— “Some 57 charges of child abuse and assault reportedly will be filed against the drunken hockey fans who subjected 57 American Indian students to racially-charged taunts the included spraying the students with beer and lacing them with racial slurs, according to unnamed sources.

This news comes on the heels of a meeting held this afternoon, Wednesday, January 28, 2015, in Rapid City, South Dakota with a group of parents of the students, school officials, Oglala Sioux Tribal officials, law enforcement, the general manager of the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center and city officials from Rapid City.

A busload of parents took the one hour and half bus ride and arrived to meet with the Rapid City officials to discuss the incident and to seek justice for their children. Some are calling on the U.S. Attorney’s Office to bring hate crime charges against the perpetrators.”

3 thoughts on “Still attacking Indians

  1. We need look no further then the “Washington Redskins” to confirm that anti-Indian bigotry still exists all over the country.

  2. Where I grew up racism and bigotry towards the First Peoples was quite open and accepted. People who would not be caught dead using the term “nigger” or “spic” saw absolutely nothing wrong with using exactly those types of terms for Native Americans. This problem is culture wide for us..

  3. Well damn. This has really brightened my day. When I first read of this terrible incident, I was sick at hear. What complete pricks to begurdge kids enjoying a freaking hockey game . . . that their culture invented in the first freaking place. Congratulations Rapic City, you’ve managed to improve the image of non-Indian society in South Dakota for the first time in decades.

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