Stop Staples

U.S. Post Office, South Main Street, Fairmount, Indiana

And stop this union-busting plan. Unless you don’t like having a post office:

Washington – The American Postal Workers Union announced today that the 200,000–member organization will “vigorously oppose” the merger between Staples and Office Depot. “We will urge the Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission to block this monopolistic and unlawful merger now, just as they did 17 years ago,” said APWU President Mark Dimondstein. “And we call on Congress to weigh in with the FTC and the Department of Justice to stop it.

“A Staples takeover of Office Depot would lead to higher prices for consumers and store closings that would affect employees and customers alike,” Dimondstein said. “There are new grounds to block this combination as well,” he added.

In the past year, over the objections of the APWU, consumer organizations, civil rights advocates and teacher groups, Staples has begun offering mail services at its retail stores. In doing so, Staples has replaced highly-trained USPS workers with its own unskilled, low-wage employees. Concurrently, the USPS has reduced hours in some post offices and encouraged customers to use Staples stores instead.

In documents obtained by the union, the Postal Service outlined plans to transfer USPS work to Staples in order to reduce employment and hours of service to the public in neighborhood post offices. “The transfer of living-wage jobs to low-wage, poverty-level jobs is not in the public interest,” Dimondstein said. “Staples is an anti-worker corporation, and we don’t want to see its reach expanded. We will vigorously oppose this merger. It’s bad for workers and bad for consumers.”

H/t Price Benowitz LLP.

4 thoughts on “Stop Staples

  1. First Office Depot bought OfficeMax.
    Staples screamed to anyone who would listen that they would be next. The response…..crickets.
    So to save themselves Staples has done what any good corporation would do for its shareholders which is to buy the enemy out. In this case Office Depot.
    In the game of Capitalism you first start a company. Then you make the company as large as possible. Once you get big and flush with cash you try to become a monopoly. The last man standing always buys every other competitor out if they can’t be destroyed through lower pricing. (See Walmart)
    The Republicans refuse to do anything about any of this even though they are well aware of the consequences.
    Corporations and Republicans are all about profits and could care less about human beings.

  2. The State Department shipped the certified copy of my birth certificate by UPS today. A couple years from now it’ll be Staples inter-office mail and a trip to the nearest outlet.

  3. Well said Izquierdo. A few more like that and you’ll be a full fledged member of the Sons of Light.

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