I hate drugs

Kensington and Somerset
I’ve heard the intersection of Kensington and Somerset described as “the largest open-air drug market in America.” (Yay, we’re number one!) Junkies from all over the country move here because heroin is so cheap, and then they panhandle to stay alive.

I hate drugs. I hate what they’ve done to the city, and to the people.

If everyone lived where where they could see the human remains left behind, they’d feel the same. When I see the expensive cars from the suburbs and New Jersey that come into the neighborhood to buy drugs, I want to throw a brick through their windshield.

Here’s a story about the mothers of the heroin addicts.

One thought on “I hate drugs

  1. Before the United States started the war with Afghanistan 13 years ago the Taliban had reduced the amount of heroin being exported from that country to 0%.
    Today, with the help of US forces, Afghanistan supplies 80% of the worlds heroin.
    Now that’s progress.

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