I am amused to announce

That this happened in the only Republican area of Philadelphia. This is a big deal, it’s a major traffic artery (one I avoid at all costs). Maybe they will finally wake up:

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A huge water main break Tuesday morning closed the Roosevelt Boulevard in Northeast Philadelphia.

Water on the roadway forced traffic to detour between Conwell Avenue and Grant Avenue. Both the inner and outer lanes were affected.

The outer lanes of the boulevard, both northbound and southbound, were reopened south of Red Lion Road just before 9am. All inside lanes remained closed.

The water main broke around 6:15am near a crosswalk just south of Conwell Avenue, between Red Lion Road and Grant Avenue. Water bubbled out of the street, covering all 12 lanes of the boulevard.

The main was reported as a 16-inch transmission line, though crews are working to get in and confirm that. The water department reports that the main was successfully shut off sometime around 8:15am.

As of now, there’s no timeline announced for when the entire highway will reopen.

2 thoughts on “I am amused to announce

  1. It’s the only Republican area of Philadelphia, and the main drag is named after Roosevelt.
    Teddy, I presume.

  2. Ah, they’ll be like well-to-do Rethugs everywhere. “How can this happen HERE . . . in my neighborhood?” Throw themselves on the ground with rending of garments and rubbing ashes in their hair, shouting, “Oh God, why ME?!” Then they’ll use it to prove that defunding infrastructure was the right thing for them to do.

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