Scott Walker is an embarrassment


I predict he becomes the next Chris Christie:

In a speech short on policy and heavy on restraint, Gov. Scott Walker addressed Great Britain’s most prominent think tank Wednesday, avoiding difficult foreign affairs questions while emphasizing the “special relationship” between the world’s largest Anglophone countries.

The Republican governor sought in his speech to bolster his scant foreign policy credentials ahead of his likely presidential run even as he largely declined to tackle the toughest questions on international affairs and a variety of other subjects. In his last response, Walker declined to answer a question and follow-up from his interviewer about whether evolution was real, saying politicians were better off steering clear of that issue.

“I’m going to punt on that one as well,” Walker said. “I’m here to talk about trade, not to pontificate about other things.”

After Walker declined to state his views on evolution, the event’s moderator, Justin Webb of BBC Radio 4, told him that he believed any British politician would answer such a question by making clear that he or she believed evolution was true. Walker’s campaign spokeswoman had no immediate comment.

One thought on “Scott Walker is an embarrassment

  1. Of all the Republicans running for president which one is NOT an embarrassment? The correct answer is none of them. Yet millions of Americans will stream to the polls in 2016 and for Republican candidates. “Whoopee, we’re all gonna die.”

    Now for the Democratic embarrassments. 29 of them voted in the House yesterday to pass the Keystone Pipeline bill. Then there’s New Jersey’s Senator Robert Menendez. There are other embarrassing Democrats like Sen. Bob Casey of PA and Joe Manchin of VA or Dianne Feinstein of CA and Claire McCaskill of MO, but Bob Menendez is the worst embarrassment of all.
    How about Bill Clinton the Democarts sneaky warmonger? Many presidents over the past 40 years have invoked the War Powers Act. Reagan (14 times) Bush “the Idiot” (25 times) Carter (1 time) Obama (2 times) Ford (4 times), but Clinton invoked it 60 times! That’s right 60 times or every 50 days. Clinton was a bona fide warmonger.
    If you think that his wife will be less sneaky or any less of a warmonger then you are fooling yourself.

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