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  1. There’s a great book about the blizzard of eighty-eight, The Childrens Blizzard. I came across it recently while researching and found it timely. A bit graphic but altogether a thoroughly enjoyable as well as informative read. Don’t recall the author.

  2. Oh, and it is sixty degrees and the sun is shining on the Oregon High Desert. Has been since the first of the year. No snow. No snowpack on the High Cascade. No water for the rivers, for the agriculture, no tamp down the potential of fire that burns from Mount Shasta (California) to Southern Alaska. At four thousand feet of elevation just miles from what were once prolific High Cascade glaciers close enough to the forty-fifth parallel to call it half-way to the North Pole!

    It fits every model I have looked at.

    Did I mention volcanoes? We got ’em. Seven out my office window. Or that We are overdue for a cyclical coastal civilization destroying Boxer Day type and magnitude earthquake?

  3. I hate to rub it in but it’s pretty much the same here in the wild Southwest. A little cooler maybe (but we’ll catch up to OR in the next day or so). Gonna be scary dry this year. Thank dog there’s no such thing as climate change . . .
    But the thought of Suzi in one-piece snow suit does lighten the mood.

  4. It’s a damn shame that everybody talks about the weather, but nobody ever does anything about it.
    If there’s a thousand year drought going on in California, have they been experiencing normal rainfall for the last 999 years? What does the research say about weather cycles?
    Was it green when they named it Greenland? Or was somebody trying to be ironic?
    If the northern half of the United States was once covered by a vast ice field, hasn’t the atmosphere been warming since then?
    Did Bill Clinton actually unzip his human suit every night to reveal his lizard self underneath?

  5. In the cold, wads of cotton don’t work, and cotton next to the skin is particularly bad
    – no tight clothes; even long underwear should have some room
    – eschew cotton in the inner two layers ; wear synthetics
    – middle layer roomy poly fleece
    – oversize outer layer — a big loose wool sweater or overshirt or light jacket

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