Bill O’Reilly’s just a little jealous

From Ellen at Newshounds, “Why Don’t They Like Me?”

Bill O’Reilly is awfully concerned that when he retires he will not get the same tributes as Jon Stewart has since announcing his departure from The Daily Show. The only possible explanation for such a discrepancy, O’Reilly argued, is that the media is unfairly liberal.

Bill O’Reilly “proved” his point last night by playing a few clips of praise for Stewart from the media. Afterward, O’Reilly sounded almost bitter as he said, “I’m sure when I retire, I’ll get the same treatment.”

O’Reilly continued, his voice full of sarcasm: “Say I get run over by a bus tomorrow… I think the media would just mist over and ‘19 years O’Reilly’s been doing this every night – cogent points, blending drama with humor, interviews with the biggest people in the world.’ …Wouldn’t that happen?…Why would I not get the same treatment that Jon Stewart is getting?”

Guest Juan Williams told O’Reilly, “You’re a big boy. You’re Number One.” He said that Stewart’s ratings are embarrassing next to O’Reilly’s.

“They should just heap more praise upon me,” O’Reilly argued.

Williams replied, “I’m just telling you, that’s not the way the world works, brother. That’s jealousy, it’s envy.”

But to O’Reilly, it was proof “beyond a reasonable doubt” that “the national press and the commentators and television and print, they’re overwhelmingly liberal. That’s what it proves, Juan.” O’Reilly sounded disgusted. He then mocked people who disagree that the media is liberal.

3 thoughts on “Bill O’Reilly’s just a little jealous

  1. Once a fascist always a fascist, and Americans not living in the South can recognize a lying fascist every time.
    Oh and Bill, if the media is liberal then everyone reading these words is a monkeys uncle.

  2. It’s like this Bill. He does a comedy show about the news that is genuinely funny. You do a fictitious news show that is not!

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