3 thoughts on “Oh goody, a technical violation!

  1. The latest in language policing is visited upon those who talk about America’s political “dynasties.” When it’s pointed out that the Bush’s and the Clinton’s have controlled or intend to control 43 years of our political lives all hell breaks lose.
    *Reagan/Bush (1981-1989) (Bush worked for and with the CIA for 20+ years beginning with Operation Zapata in 1960.)
    *Bush (1989-1993)
    *Clinton (1993-2001) (Clinton worked with the CIA and VP Bush in the 1980’s as the governor of Arkansas–Iran Contra.)
    *Bush (2001-2008)
    *Clinton (2008-2016) Oh wait, we had Obama interruptus, although Clinton was the Sec. of State and the Clintonites had a strong presence in the Obama administration.
    *Clinton/Bush (2016-2024)
    If that’s not dynastic politics then what is it?

  2. Christ on a bike in a pancake hat. You can’t even talk about bigotry against women anymore without first lighting a candle of apology at every shrine there is so pious asshats can feel unbigoted.

    I’m with Mary Beard. That garbage just makes me want to withdraw.

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