Rahm’s corruption

Rahm Emanuel Seeks to Avoid Runoff in Chicago Mayoral Election

Bill Moyers with a roundup of Emanuel administration scandals even I didn’t know about! Like this one:

Indeed, the mayor faced a drumbeat of outstanding journalistic exposés all throughout the campaign. The Chicago Sun-Times reported on Deborah Quazzo, an Emanuel school board appointee who runs an investment fund for companies that privatize school functions.

They discovered that five companies in which she had an ownership stake have more than tripled their business with the Chicago Public Schools since she joined the board, many of them for contracts drawn up in the suspicious amount of $24,999 — one dollar below the amount that required central office approval. (Chicago is the only municipality in Illinois whose school board is appointed by a mayor. But activists succeeded — in an arduous accomplishment against the obstruction attempts of Emanuel backers on the city council — to get an advisory referendum on the ballot in a majority of the city’s wards calling for an elected representative school board.

Approximately 90 percent of the voters who could vote for the measure did.)

H/t Pennsylvania Criminal Lawyer Amato Sanita.

One thought on “Rahm’s corruption

  1. Rahm didn’t set up the black site used for torture known as Homan Square, but he sure as hell knew all about it and left it open.

    Speaking about ethically challenged Zionists.
    Who wants the U.S. to go to war with Iran? The criminal regime in Israel, the dictatorship in Saudi Arabia and warmongering American Zionists of which Emanuel is one.
    Who wants to reach a nuclear agreement and avoid war with Iran? Every other country on the planet. Those would be the sane people on earth and Rahm isn’t one of them.
    If you choose to listen to Netanyahu’s speech on Tuesday, please keep in mind that you’re listening to a lying Zionist warmonger who isn’t playing with a full deck.
    Note: The polls show that 47% of Republicans support Netanyahu, while only 12% of Democrats do.

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