Even Charlie Crist would have been a step up from this putz

Millionaire healthcare fraud Gov. Rick Scott doesn’t give a shit about the uninsured — because he can’t squeeze any profit from them:

In case there’s anyone left who thinks Scott cares if even more Floridians die without health insurance, this quote from Scott in the New York Times should clear that right up for you. When asked what would happen if those insured under the ACA in states who didn’t create a state exchange, like Florida, lost their subsidies because Florida refused to set up such an exchange, Scott simply dismissed those Floridians as if they were excess baggage:

This week, the Supreme Court will hear arguments in a case, King v. Burwell, that challenges the legality of the subsidies in more than 30 states, including Florida. The case, developed by conservative legal scholars, argues that only people using state-run marketplaces are entitled to subsidies.

If the court agrees — a decision is expected in June — subsidies will disappear in states that do not have their own online marketplaces, almost all of which have Republican-led governments that oppose the law and have resisted creating state exchanges. No state would be more affected than Florida, where more than 1.6 million people have insurance plans under the Affordable Care Act, the most in the nation, and almost all of them receive subsidies.

Yet there is little talk of a Plan B here, such as creating a state-run exchange where subsidies would still be available, if the Supreme Court strikes down the subsidy program. Asked about the case last month at the American Action Forum, a conservative advocacy group, Gov. Rick Scott, a Republican, said, “This is not my program.” He added, “It’s a federal problem.”

Not his problem.

Never mind that, had Rick Scott lifted a finger to make sure those in Florida had an exchange to make access to the ACA easier, there wouldn’t be this “federal problem.”

Never mind that Florida has one of the highest rates of uninsured in the country, a number that has significantly decreased thanks to “Obamacare.”

Never mind that a SCOTUS ruling against ACA subsidies would add millions more to the uninsured fallout facing those who fall into the Medicaid gap that Scott so carefully dug for them.

H/t Steve Duckett, Virginia Federal Criminal Lawyer.