5 thoughts on “Why black Americans fear the police

  1. “The next day, I drove by the precinct, etc…”
    The mindset of our militarized police force at work.
    It’s us (the 99%) against them (the oligarchy or 1%).
    We the people didn’t need millions of our tax dollars to be spent on building a massive NSA data collection center in Utah.
    We the people don’t need to be so fearful of our neighbors that “when we see something we say something” to the authorities.
    We the people are offended and insulted that we are forced to call America our “Homeland or the Motherland.”
    Our political system has failed us..

  2. I’m white, and I automatically double think involving the police if –and when, because it does happen– my friend’s relative who is bipolar becomes unmanageable.

    We might feel threatened by this relative’s wild and seemingly uncontrollable behavior, but we fear more his being shot and wounded or killed.

    I can easily imagine the fear and unease of blacks and other minorities.

    This MUST change.

  3. Well, I happen to be black, hold two degrees, worked most of my adult life, but fortunately I’m retired now. I also happen to have a brother who retired as a Detroit cop after 32 years on the job. But I remember well how brainwashed he was during his tenure as a cop.

    We weren’t particularly close during those years because I felt he had changed once he took the oath as a cop.

    Here’s one reason why: I asked him to help me move the few things I had as a struggling student back in 1965. In those days (and probably even now), Detroit was about to boil over with a riot, which it did in ’68. Anyway, my new cop-brother did help me move my things to a new apartment.

    On the way to my new place he rolls down his window and tosses something out and says very stern and cop-like, “If I ever see you with any of this stuff again, I’ll personally arrest you.” Needless to say, I stayed away from him for a long time afterword’s because I thought a couple of short joints that he’d found in my old apartment shouldn’t be taken so seriously that my own flesh and blood would lock me up.

    So, yep, that same attitude has persisted all these years later in my own perception of those who swear to protect and serve!

  4. In a part of this city inhabited by black working class families where I used to own a little rattle-trap house, realtors and police had some kind of behind-the-scenes payola thing going, because in nine years when my neighbors and I experienced repeated break-ins, not once, not even once, did police ever report any of the incidents. One burglar even left his dog tied to my gate while he ransacked my house, and the police did nothing. One burglar left the back window open, as did the police after they investigated the cause of the alarm and then left.

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