Tom Cotton (Sen. R-AR) :: Obstructionist Teabagger Clown

This is from the brilliant teabagger senator Tom Cotton, who has a Harvard Law School degree. Soak in the intellect:

Schieffer: What do you want to happen here? What is your alternative here? Let’s say that the deal falls through, then what?

Cotton: Well as Prime Minister Netanyahu said, the alternative to a bad deal is a better deal. The Iranians frequently bluff to walk away from the table. if they bluff this week, call their bluff. The Congress stands ready to impose much more severe sanctions. Moreover we have to stand up to Iran’s attempts to drive for regional dominance. They already control Tehran increasingly they control Damascus and Beirut and Baghdad and now Sana’a as well. They do all that without a nuclear weapon. imagine what they would do with a nuclear weapon.

Should we let him keep on saying it, or tell him Tehran is Iran’s capital?


3 thoughts on “Genius

  1. He’s just a mutt who did the bidding of his handlers. Whoever wanted that letter written knew the potential damage it would cause whoever “wrote” it, so they picked some obscure but ambitious dipshit who was eager to please and didn’t understand the ramifications of what he was being asked to do. Frankly, I am surprised Ted Cruz wasn’t picked to “write” it.

    Cotton will return to obscurity soon, as scheduled.

  2. I wish I was as optimistic as you. I thought Newt Gingrich and Rush Limbaugh should have returned to obscurity about 20 years ago, at least if we lived in an intelligent and rational society.

    I don’t think he was making a funny, Susie. He wants to go back to Tehran being controlled by a US puppet again. He’s just being bluntly honest.

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