In 10 years, wind energy will be cheaper by fossil fuels

Wind energy accounts for less than 5 percent of America’s electricity usage, but other than hydroelectric dams, it’s the biggest source of renewable energy, accounting for 23 percent of new power production from last year. From Mother Jones: Some experts think wind could provide a fifth of the world’s energy by 2030. But wind in theā€¦

2 thoughts on “In 10 years, wind energy will be cheaper by fossil fuels

  1. The problem with wind is that you can’t store it or reserve it (like with water behind a damn). And you can’t predict it. Much less predictable than solar. So you are constantly turning on and turning off conventional power sources, which is expensive.
    Unreliable and unpredictable. And why do they use the word renewable? What is renewable about wind, or solar? It might not be depletable (although it is probably finite), but it is not renewable.
    Call me when they figure out away to store up wind energy. Or when they figure out how to stop killing all the birds trying to fly the gauntlet of windmills in the desert or ocean. Until then, there is very little that is promising about wind energy.

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