The heat is on

Perspectives/IIT Math & Science Academy watches The Homestretch

Time for them all to come clean about their education “reform” agenda:

The National Education Association, the largest U.S. labor union, is pushing to make public schools a front-burner domestic issue throughout the 2016 presidential race, union leaders said Wednesday.

“We have 3 million members who want desperately to know what the candidates have to say to really, seriously improve public education,” NEA President Lily Eskelsen García told reporters. “We intend to activate those 3 million members, the parents, even the students.”

The union, which represents one out of every 100 Americans, has begun its presidential endorsement process, the earliest point it has engaged in a presidential campaign cycle, García said.

Although only one candidate, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.), has declared his intention to run for the White House, the NEA has sent questionnaires to 19 “viable” candidates to begin the vetting process for an endorsement, said Carrie Pugh, the union’s political director.