Just awful

This story is horrible on so many levels.

He was left in the park where we played as kids, and where my own children played. It’s awful. But I will withhold judgment of the mother, because I have friends with disabled kids and I know the strain they’re under. We used to fund things like respite care, but not so much these days.

Relatives say they would have watched him, but who knows? It’s an enormous task, taking care of a child who’s this profoundly handicapped. The whole thing is very sad.

One thought on “Just awful

  1. I’m with you. My first thought was, what a heinous act. Then I realized the mother’s aging, and given the 1%’s agenda of victimization of the most vulnerable, probably has had whatever miniscule assistance was available taken away by the Teabag Taliban. The real heinous act was theirs.

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