Stupidity is contagious

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All kinds of data show your family is actually in more danger with a gun in the home, but what do facts have to do with fear?

Americans’ opinions on gun rights have flipped. For the first time, more Americans value gun owners’ rights than they do gun control.

According to Pew research, the percentage of Americans who thought gun rights were more important was only 29-34 percent during the 90s. In the 00s, that number shot up and down between the 32 and 45 percent. Around the turn of the current decade, the numbers were roughly even for several years, but in December 2014 the number of Americans who value gun rights surpassed those who prefer gun control for the first time. The numbers are currently 52 percent and 46 percent.

Another of Pew’s findings was that the percentage of Americans who say that they feel safer with a gun in the home has risen even more steadily. Thirty-five percent said they felt safer in ’00. Today, 63 percent say they feel safer.

3 thoughts on “Stupidity is contagious

  1. As the dangers of firearm possession grow, the citizenry’s approval of firearm possession also grows.

    What a country — government by Koch and NRA.

  2. There’s a local BBQ joint here that sells guns (and knives) in their dining hall. They have a table in the middle heaped with guns. I was with my brother and his wife’s’ relatives from Australia and nobody seemed uncomfortable with it. I found it very unnerving.

    That was the last time I’ve gone in there and will remain the last time. Srsly – wtf? Handguns and BBQ? What is WRONG with people????

  3. Better than BBQ and beer — although you never know when people are going to get into an argument over BBQ. There was a shooting here over that.

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