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I'm A Little Tea Pot

One of the weird ADD symptoms I have is constant tightness in my upper back, always. It’s always been that way. I can get a therapeutic massage and on the way home, it’s right back to the status quo. The only time that stopped it was when I used to be on Ritalin (which I can’t take because it was starting to cause Tourette’s symptoms).

But my friend Maya, God bless her, turned me onto passion flower tea. (They call it “the herbal Prozac.”) When she made me try it, I did not believe it would work. But it did. So I don’t care what they call it, this shit works. When I drink it, my neck gets all loose-y goose-y and I feel like I just took a Xanax — which, under the right circumstances, is not such a bad thing.

So if you have a high-stress job, bad relationship, poverty, anger with your elected officials, etc. and want to feel like you took a Xanax, you should try it. Here’s the kind I use.

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