Diet Pepsi dropping aspartame

Diet Pepsi Is Dropping The Aspartame — To Include Another Sweetener

Americans love their diet soda, considering they’re consuming 20 percent more than they did just 15 years ago. But after PepsiCo’s diet soda sales dropped 3.2 percent in the first quarter of this year, the company has decided to change up its recipe and swap the artificial sugar additive aspartame for the less controversial sucralose. “This…

2 thoughts on “Diet Pepsi dropping aspartame

  1. Of course Pepsi can’t dis aspartame and unhealthy, that would open them up to product liability lawsuits someday.
    FWIW, I tried switching to other sweeteners because of what I feel are some symptoms from aspartame. And they were just as bad, including sucralose.
    The last few weeks I have discovered kumbucha. I love the fizzier ones, especially with ginger flavors. It really satisfies my craving for diet soft drinks (I have no craving for sugary ones). Which probably means that kumbucha isn’t much better either, given my luck. Kumbucha is also hella expensive.

  2. I don’t drink cola of any sort so it doesn’t matter to me one way or the other, but I’ve always said that to me, NutraSweet tastes like what a mold that could grow on Styrofoam would taste like.

    (But then, my default sweetener for my coffee is saccharine.)

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