Wildstein pleads guilty; Baroni and Kelly indicted

wildstein skinny

A noticably gaunt David Wildstein pleaded guilty this morning. Bill Baroni, former deputy executive director of the Port Authorityy, and Bridget Anne Kelly, former deputy chief of staff to Christie, are expected to be indicted later today:

4 thoughts on “Wildstein pleads guilty; Baroni and Kelly indicted

  1. This seems like a meager result for a 15-month investigation, unless it’s just a prosecutorial tactic, and is just the tip of a very big iceberg (so to speak).

    (Why does spelchek question “prosecutorial”?
    Is this a homeschoolers’ version of spelchek?)

  2. I expect this is just Phase 1. Wildstein’s lawyer says there is evidence that Christie knew about the lane closures while they were happening.

  3. I think your earlier post and the link are predictive of a Christie pass. An experienced prosecutor does not go public with a “no evidence” statement when there is the least chance of a subsequent charge against the Governor.

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