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I was in NYC with my friend N., who was visiting. She wanted to check out a specific salon, but I spotted an old music store with some old ukuleles I wanted to check out. We agreed to meet later.

As I worked my way around the store, I came upon a man, mid-forties or so, playing with his children in a cleared-out area. He was the absolute image of my father at that age, and I told the man. I asked him where he was from (a small town in upstate Pennsylvania) and then, his name: Edward Madrak, just like my father. Freaky.

2 thoughts on “Dream

  1. I’m a mid-forties man who went with his children to a guitar store last night. We looked at ukuleles in the “bluegrass” room. We got a guitar for my son. He and his sister roamed around, trying instruments and giggling. Maybe you were in the wrong guitar store.

  2. Time traveling? Out of body experience?? You should do a treatment of these. They’re great, what do you call ’em, plot starters. Ideas to be riffed on to develop a story line???

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