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I’m not quite sure if we should take this at face value. Who knows? In light of her recent statement about how people in the governor’s office knew about the lane closures, it seems more like a very strong hint that she’s going to talk if no one coughs up enough money for her defense:

The political operative who wrote New Jersey’s new state slogan, “Time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee,” is ready to be rewarded for her work.

“This fund will aid in ensuring truth and justice prevails,” reads the appeal for money by Bridget Anne Kelly at the website of her new legal defense fund, which takes credit cards—“$25 minimum donation”—but warns that refunds are out of the question.

Kelly, former deputy chief of staff to Governor Chris Christie, joined the New Jersey Indicted Public Officials Hall of Infamy on Friday along with another former member of Christie’s inner circle, Bill Baroni.

They are, naturally, entitled to a presumption of innocence. Whether that presumption makes it less presumptuous to ask for money on the day you’re charged is a different question, especially within the burgeoning “crowdfunding” industry, which seems to know few bounds of taste or discretion.

[…] Kelly, who poses with her four children in a photo on her legal defense fund website, hasn’t denied writing the “time for some problems” e-mail. She didn’t directly address it at her press conference on Friday.

She did tell reporters that “some of my off-handed attempts at sarcasm and humor were not as witty as they were intended to be.” So much for that new job at “Saturday Night Live.”

3 thoughts on “Chutzpah

  1. “They are, naturally, entitled to a presumption of innocence.” Yes, within the confines of an evidence driven presentation in the judicial process, this statement is true, at least until the evidence goes in. But as a factual statement it is fatuous. Try arguing the presumption of innocence in a bail hearing. I have seen it done and it never ends well for the Defendant.

  2. I kinda feel sorry for her, raising four kids on her own while working for one of the cruelest and most corrupt people in the history of US politics and then being viciously thrown under the bus by him. Sure, she was/is sleazy and amoral herself, but she is just a small fish. If she succeeds in bringing down the bloated killer whale as part of the process saving her own skin, then more power to her. He is the real criminal, not sycophantic operatives like Kelly and Wildstein.

    If crowdfunding raises the money for an effective legal team who can help craft a plea bargain that harpoons the orca, then I’m all for it. (But not to the extreme extent of sending her any of my scarce twenty-five dollar bills.)

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